This page is a compilation of reports on conditions and maintenance needs of Mount Tamalpais trails. The TCC’s Trails Committee maintains this page as a service to hikers, and for use in planning future trail maintenance projects.

We rely upon you, the users of the mountain’s trails, to provide information on trail conditions. There are well over 100 miles of hiking trails on the mountain. We cannot be everywhere at once. Please take the time to send us any information you do not see already posted on this page. We would appreciate reports of any maintenance needs you see, and also reports of any trails you find to be in good condition. Our goal is to provide comprehensive information on all trails. Scroll down this page to see the list of reports.

The area covered is generally the same as included in Barry Spitz’ book, Tamalpais Trails.

This area is bounded by Highway 1 through Green Gulch to the southeast, and by Bolinas-Fairfax Rd. and Audubon Canyon Ranch to the northwest. This page also covers a small part of the Pine Mountain area.

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